Baby Iron Man

I’m always vaguely creeped out by people who like babies too much. I’m not talking about people who love their own kids, or people who have pictures of their nephew in their wallet, or even people who think all babies are cute in a sort of general way. I’m talking about people who put statues of babies peeing on their front lawn, people who walk up to random people on the street and ask to hold their kids, people who emailed that damn dancing baby gif to their coworkers back in the 90s, and most of all people who think those idiotic E*Trade commercials are awesome.

This viral video would definitely fall into the creepy category, except of course the little girl in it actually belongs to the guy who made it. That means the fact that he made it is just kind of awesome, a much better way to show people photos of your kid than making them sit through horrible slide shows. If this guy’s smart, he’ll put together some business in which he offers to do the same for other people’s kids. When I have one, I’ll be first in line for his service. For that matter dude, if you need an investor, give me a call.

So the fact that he made this video isn’t creepy, but watching it and sharing it might be… except for one thing. See it’s worth getting past that creepy “I like to look at babies” factor to see just how easy it is, apparently, to make a convincing Iron Man movie. The thing about this video is that, baby or not, it looks good. Really good. Almost movie quality good. Apparently when it comes to really cool Iron Man superhero special effects, pretty much anyone can do them, which makes you wonder why there weren’t more of them in Iron Man 2. I mean Pepper Potts is great and all, but this baby blows up more shit in two minutes than Tony Stark did in his last ninety. Take a look:

Josh Tyler