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Playing a “bad-ass” type character isn’t exactly groundbreaking material for an actor like Danny Trejo, with tough-guy roles in films like Desperado, Grindhouse and Machete under his belt, not to mention TV appearances in Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy. But he sure is good at it. By the title alone, Bad Ass cuts straight to the point in describing Trejo’s character, and the trailer backs it up with lots of punching.

Bad Ass stars Trejo as a Vietnam veteran who defends a man on a bus and ends up becoming a local hero when a video of the fight shows up online. Rounding out the cast are Ron Perlman and Charles S. Dutton.

The previously released trailer for the Craig Moss directed film Bad Ass sells Trejo’s character Frank Vega as “mean,” “angry,” and “old.” And this latest trailer, courtesy of iTunes, emphasizes the man’s inexperience at computers and the internet.

The beard offsets the fanny-pack nicely, I think. Bad Ass seems like it might have a sort of Falling Down quality to it, with its focus on a frustrated character who’s not going to take it anymore. Then of course, there's all the punching and action, including what looked like a train hitting a bus.

Bad Ass arrives in theaters on April 13. More information can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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