Almost no actor makes it through their career without a huge flop on the resume-- it comes with the territory of being a working actor, especially when you're just starting out and frankly need the cash. But there's a difference between the flops an actor makes early in their career, or even the flops that happen once they're well-established, and the flops that seem to happen just as their careers are picking up steam. Just when audiences are starting to get to know and like an actor, or when Oscar buzz or "A-list star" titles start floating around, out comes some awful disaster that's so bad, everyone chooses to simply forget about it and move on.

We first put this list together when Joseph Gordon-Levitt, fresh off The Dark Knight Rises and on his way toward Looper, released the deeply silly Premium Rush. But with Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake out there wincing from the failure of Runner Runner, it seemed like as good a time as any to remind the world that bad movies really can happen to anyone-- even Batman and Jay-Z's best friend. In honor of Runner Runner and every other dumb movie made by people who ought to know better, we're looking back at some other recent actors who were on an unbeatable hot streak-- until a certain movie came along to wreck it. And because we like these actors so much and are a forgiving populace, we'd forgotten all about these disasters… until now.

Join us as we exhume the corpses of some old flops-- and some truly awful poster art-- and let us know the others we might have forgotten in the comments.

Channing Tatum in White House Down
The first time we put together this list we were picking on Tatum for reuniting with his A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints and leading the genuinely abysmal Son of No One. But this summer he added a new black mark to his resume, starring opposite Jamie Foxx in the Roland Emmerich effort White House Down, which flopped hard despite a massive marketing campaign. As you might remember there are some major fans of the movie here at Cinema Blend, but even we have to acknowledge when something we love deserves flop status no matter how hard we love it.

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