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If the release dates on IMDB are to be believed, Bandidas hits American theaters in just a couple of weeks… and if you've seen an advertisement for it, you're watching television channels that apparently I don't frequent. Maybe your TV is tuned to the NFL network or Bravo. I stay away from extremes and stick with the channels in between those two.

What the heck is Bandidas? It's an outlaw Western, with Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek as rootin tootin robbin sexy cowgirls! Right, I'm not sure where else to go with that, the sort of says it all.

Since Fox doesn't really seems interested in bothering to advertise it at all, I guess we'll have to do it for them. The first full trailer for Bandidas has been floating around on the web in a really terrible format for awhile. But now it's floating around on the web in high-def; and we've got it for you. To see it, click here to visit our Bandidas trailer page.

Anyone want to bet whether this will be yet another 2006 movie not screened for the press? I'm taking yes.