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Batman has lost his Commissioner Gordon. New millennium movie fans know Gary Oldman as the character, but back in the 90s, through all four original Batman movies, James Gordon was played by the great Pat Hingle. According to the AP, Saturday evening, Hingle lost a long battle with blood cancer and died in his North Carolina home at the age of 84.

Hingle had a long and busy career in Hollywood as a character actor. His first ever on screen appearance was in On the Waterfront, back in 1954. He worked steadily from then on, appearing in multiple movies nearly every single year of his career. That includes 2006, when you might have seen him in Waltzing Anna, Talladega Nights, or Two Tickets to Paradise. The man loved to work, and seemed to have no problem getting it.

Though his role in those four Batman films was small, especially compared to the importance the character has taken on in Christopher Nolan’s newly-imagined Gotham, it’s probably as Commissioner Gordon that he’ll most often be remembered as. But the man appeared in nearly 200 movies and television shows, in a career spanning six decades. He’s been in westerns, horror movies, science fiction adventures, dinosaur movies, heavy dramas, and even Kung Fu. Pat Hingle’s life was proof that you don’t need to be famous to make it big in Hollywood.