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There are two different kinds of San Diego Comic-Con trailers. The first category is filled by those that make their debut in Hall H, Ballroom 20, or one of the other big venues in the San Diego Convention Center, and then officially find their way online either immediately after the panel or a few days later. The second category, however, is made up of the reels that nobody outside of the expo's attendees are supposed to see. This unfortunately usually includes the biggest blockbusters showing their stuff at the convention, and in the case of this year's festivities, that means Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Variety has confirmed that Warner Bros. has no plans to release the first ever teaser footage from the DC Comics movie, which was shown twice during the studio's Hall H presentation this past Saturday morning. The trade got the official word from Sue Kroll, president worldwide marketing and international distribution, who told them, "That’s just going to live in that hall. We’ll post extended trailers and stills, but that presentation, that was just for those fans."

For those that missed it, the footage shown begins on a rainy night in Gotham City with Batman (Ben Affleck) standing on the roof of the Gotham Police Department building. With rain pelting his black, heavy-duty armor, the Dark Knight grabs hold of a sheet covering the Bat Signal, and turns it on. As the camera angles up towards the light, it's revealed that Superman (Henry Cavill) is floating in the sky just a few feet above Batman. The Man of Tomorrow's eyes start to glow red, as though he is ready to let loose his laser vision, and Batman stares up at him glowering.

Thanks to the controversy surrounding the amount of collateral damage featured in the third act of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, many believed that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice would begin with the Caped Crusader being angry about the Kryptonian invader who took part in the destruction of Metropolis. The footage, however, suggested that it's actually Superman who is mad at Batman. This will continue to be a riddle that goes without an answer until Warner Bros. actually releases an official plot synopsis for the movie, but we have no idea when that might actually come around.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is based on a story by David Goyer and Zack Snyder and a script by Oscar winner Chris Terrio, is currently in production and features a supporting cast that includes Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg, Ray Fisher, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane, and Jeremy Irons. There's still a long wait ahead of us to see the finished product, but if you're like us then you're counting down the days until May 6, 2016.

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