Though Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 will both have panels at this year's San Diego Comic Con, there won't be any convention hall presence for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. It makes sense, as there's no reason to have a full panel for a movie that is due out in a week, but that doesn't mean that Batman will be completely absent from the geeky proceedings.

Out on display right now next to the convention center in San Diego, parked outside of a local hotel, is a full exhibit showing off every single film version of the Batmobile, from Adam West's in the 1966 movie to the Tumblers from The Dark Knight Rises. After spotting the display, I took the opportunity to take a whole bunch of photos that I could share with you and even got Cinema Blend writer Sean O'Connell to shoot a video of me in front of Batman's latest ride. Check out the video as well as the full gallery below!

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