Battleship Clip Has Taylor Kitsch Sidling Up To Brooklyn Decker

Battleship is already out in theaters overseas, and yet for some reason, the United States release is happening almost a month later-- meaning that while Polish and British moviegoers are already watching Liam Neeson and Taylor Kitsch fend off the aliens, we're left watching clips of what we'll see when the movie opens here May 18. Like today, with this clip featuring Brooklyn Decker that premiered at MTV. Take a look at it below:

Given that other trailers have shown Taylor Kitsch's character Alex Hopper in a relationship with Decker's Samantha, it's clear this clip comes early in the film, with Alex celebrating his birthday with his more strait-laced brother Stone (Alexander Skarsgard) and wasting a birthday wish on the almost inconceivably beautiful woman who just stepped up to the bar asking for a chicken burrito (as if Brooklyn Decker eats chicken burritos!) Evidently the wish turns out pretty well since they get together, but we'll have to wait and see how everything else shakes out when the Hopper brothers find themselves on a battleship when a naval alien invasion begins.

Clips like this do far more than the previous trailers to make Battleship look like more than a Transformers knockoff, but after not being convinced of Taylor Kitsch's leading man potential in John Carter, I'm not so swayed here either. Critics across the pond haven't been especially kind, so I'm wondering if the writing is already on the wall for this. But you guys tell me-- are you still excited for Battleship?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend