Though he's been talking about it nearly nonstop for months and even made Carey Mulligan cry by offering her the lead part, Baz Luhrmann apparently isn't even all that serious about making his possibly 3D adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Talking to Vulture before the DGA Awards on Saturday, Luhrmann said "I gotta make a decision in three days' time" on whether or not to even make the movie. Seriously, after all that?

Luhrmann went on to say that he's been workshopping with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, which we already knew, but that "I think I've been a bit shaded out because I want everything to be perfectly positioned on it." That may well be code for "I've realized that messing with a literature classic is a terrible idea" or "all the bad Internet buzz has me worried," but he could just as easily be doing that thing where an actor threatens to walk away from a project only so they'll make more money. Is Sony trying to play hardball and now Luhrmann is striking back? Or did we really just go through all that handwringing only for the project to not exist at all? Either way Luhrmann promises there will be news in the next few days, so hold your breath if you're so inclined.

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