Ben Affleck's Batman Looks Pretty Damn Sad In His First Close-Up

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Hey, remember when the fine folks over at DC and Warner Bros were generous enough to give us a look at Batman’s mask yesterday on the floor of Comic-Con? Well, consider that nice little tease officially blown out of the water by the embed director Zack Snyder dropped above!

In case you can’t tell, that’s Ben Affleck outfitted in the actual mask a hundred thousand people have stared at on the convention floor over the last day. To state the obvious, it looks a lot better with a real, live human face inside of it. In fact, it’s a pretty striking take on The Dark Knight. That being said, it will do absolutely nothing to stop the jokes and pithy little comments about how over-the-top serious Ben Affleck’s Batman looked in his only other still

Seriously, who murdered that guy’s parents? Am I right? Oh yeah. Nevermind. Maybe he does have a reason to walk around sulking and perpetually staring at his feet.

Fortunately for hardcore Batman fans, this almost certainly will not be the last exciting thing we get from the Caped Crusader. DC Comics and Warner Bros are coming together for an entire panel of movie-related goodness, and while much of that time will likely be devoted to the larger universe executives are planning, Batman vs Superman, excuse me, Batman V Superman is the entry with the most monetary potential and will not be ignored. That has to be the film to generate the momentum needed to propel everything after it.

Maybe that means we’ll get a sizzle reel. Maybe that means a full announcement related to what other superheroes will actually be in it. We don’t know, but for the sake of everyone involved, I hope it allows Batman to smile at least once or twice.

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