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The Justice League movie might never graduate beyond the rumor stage. The last bit of news we reported about the potential JLA movie was pretty bad (more on that in a second). But when the rumors are as tantalizing as the one that recently dropped, you understand why this project potentially works better as fanboy wishes and dreams than as an actual movie that probably won’t live up to the hype.

For example, Ben Affleck’s name was attached to the Justice League movie for a while, though he went on the record and shot that down. At the time, it made sense. The Argo director has a great relationship with Warner Bros. He once played Superman on screen in Hollywoodland, not to mention Daredevil. And since J.J. Abrams landed Star Wars, Justice League sounded like a franchise Affleck could wrap his hands around.

Now comes this: Latino Review editor El Mayimbe tweets a “Fanboy Fact of the Day” that when the studio courted Affleck or the director’s gig, they also wanted the actor to play Batman in the ensemble.

Is it true? Maybe, but what does that get us? Affleck has passed, for whatever reason. And as we reported earlier, Will Beall’s draft of the Justice League movie has been scrapped. So not only are we NOT getting Affleck in the director’s chair or the Batman cape and cowl, we’re possibly not getting a JLA movie at all.

Perhaps it was the Batman role that chased Affleck off of the JLA directing gig? For every Christian Bale, there’s a George Clooney and Val Kilmer – whose red-hot careers were cooled by the Batman gig. But in fantasy land, an Affleck movie would be amazing. But it isn’t happening.

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