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Benedict Cumberbatch Admits He's Irritated By Star Trek Villain Mystery

OK, J.J. Abrams. We’re giving you the polite “golf clap” at being able to maintain the mystery surrounding Benedict Cumberbatch’s identity in Star Trek Into Darkness. You’ve teased Trekkies with compelling trailers that skillfully hinted at Khan, but feel like calculated misdirections to cynical film journalists (like myself). But even Cumberbatch is starting to crack, revealing his mild frustration at not being able to talk openly about his juicy role and the impact he hopes to have on Abrams’ reboot Trek universe.

Calling it “achingly irritating,” Cumberbatch spoke to about the marketing approach of Abrams and Bad Robot of keeping fans in the dark about the character the Sherlock star will play.

Believe me, I’d rather talk about the role and the fantastic story and all the things J.J. [Abrams] has come up with. And then everyone would be as excited about the film as I am. But then of course I think I would be on a phone call coming from J.J.’s office,” Cumberbatch said, before finally coming around and towing the company line. “Mystique is rare now, isn’t it? There aren’t that many enigmas in this modern world. … We live in the modern world, which is a place of oversaturation and now people, especially Trekkies, want to know everything before they witness it themselves. It’s strange to me. I think of it as a kid having a box of chocolates and not knowing what’s good for them. They eat three and they keep eating as they get sick… and the candy is gone.”

And I agree with him wholeheartedly. In fact, I think the best thing Abrams and Star Trek can do is go into deep radio silence from now until May, when the sequel is set to open in theaters. Seriously, what else does Paramount have to say about Into Darkness to lure people into theaters. We’re coming. Don’t tell us anything more about the chocolate we’re going to find in the box. You’ve made it this far without spoiling the identity of the character. Don’t push your luck! Star Trek Into Darkness will be in theaters on May 17. So … do you think he’s Khan?

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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