Bikini Shots From DOA

Jamie Pressly is so good playing trailer trash on NBC's "My Name Is Earl", that I now have a hard time seeing her as "sexy". I look at her, and I just see skank. It's burned into my head.

For those of you who haven't lost the ability to appreciate her feminine beauty, the folks from DOA: Dead or Alive have a treat for you. Gratuitous Jamie Pressly bikini stretching!

Dimension has released a new batch of stills for the upcoming T&A touched action movie. To be fair, they are actual images from the movie… so maybe they're not exactly gratuitous. However they do seem to have a singular um… focus? But then so does the movie. You folks know what you're getting into if you see it.

I've stuck a sample pic to your right, to see them all in sweet high-res glory just visit our photo gallery.

If after seeing that you're not sure you can wait a few more months to see this, well, whatever this is, bad news. Dimenion has moved the movie's release date. It's now opening October 20th instead of August 25th.

Josh Tyler