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A Biopic About Ronald Reagan Is Now In The Works

Only two years removed from our last film about a recent Republican president, Oliver Stone's W., another one is in the works. THR reports that a Ronald Reagan biopic has entered development with producers Ralph Winter (X-Men, Fantastic Four) and Mark Joseph (Passion of the Christ, Ray) and Jonas McCord backing the project. The film will track the entire life of the actor-turned-politician, from childhood through the presidency. The bulk of the material will come from two biographies written by Paul Kengor: "The Crusader" and "God and Ronald Reagan." Screenwriter McCord will also pen the script.

I can already predict what is to come of this project: either a) it will be too left-leaning and the Sarah Palins of the world will come out in a rage against it or b) the film will put a nice right-wing spin on the negative aspects of Reagan's life (Read: The Iran-Contra Affair) and will have zero substance. And it won't be a fault of the filmmakers, either. The truth of the matter is that if you are making a film about a polarizing figure, you can't help but make a polarizing movie.

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