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Congratulations, world, on receiving the second installment of the Blendcast. Compared to last week’s trial go-round, I’d like to think this right here version is the prettier sister, the Mary to last week’s Rhoda, but honestly, I’m biased in my own favor. Should probably let you know your credit card was just charged a hammock‘s full of sexual favors as well; fine print is a thieving bitch. The first one was only free to get you hooked---like a more dangerous alternative to smoking or oxycotton.

On this week’s episode, we talk about the under appreciated vigilantism genre, make wild claims about Joseph Gordon-Levitt carrying 10 Things I Hate About You and complain about Johnny Depp overshadowing some of his past characters with his Johnny Deppness. Trevor offers his advice on how to eat biscuits and gravy while you’re on a diet. Brain asks for a film composed of thirty mini-MacGruber films, and Mack calls Transformers 2 the perfect movie for people who watch the trailer for Brick and don’t bother at least renting it.

Warning! This podcast contains language barely fit for Lenny Bruce. This week’s episode even has a C-Bomb. If you are decent, moral and lacking a well-developed sense of humor, please go watch 2 ½ Men on Hulu instead. Or send us dirty emails at BlendCast (at) Cinema Blend (dot) com.

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