What the hell would you do without us to entertain you on Tuesday nights? Watch Law & Order: SVU? Fair enough. Benson is kinda sexy in a pantsuit sorta way. But now that you know about the Blendcast, I trust you’ll make the right decision. On this week’s episode the masters of the verbal mulligan, Trevor Clippert, Brain Callaher and Mack Rawden, argue about whether Office Space is a better film than Gladiator, Sarah Silverman getting punched in the face is a better opening scene than stoners being pulled over by rogue highway patrol man, and, yes, talk about your precious Harry Potter.

Brain gushes over The Half-Blood Prince, Mack thinks it was worth his time, and Trevor, well, he’s still mispronouncing Hermione’s name. Bad baseball umpiring, the upcoming film adaptation of King Dork, and Cameron Diaz’s crazy hair in Being John Malkovich are referenced, and in some cases, meticulously dissected as well; so, trudge on with caution potential listener. The road is fraught with elitism and jokes about cum.

Warning!: The Blendcast contains Andrew Dice Clay-like language. Anyone who fancies themselves a Puritan or agrees Chick-Fil-A should be closed on Sundays to honor the day of rest probably shouldn’t bother listening.

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