Most things are better when they’re on time. Birthday wishes, entrée courses, periods. A regular cycle is just usually better, but as belated brouhahas go, this week’s Blendcast ain’t half bad--even if it comes to you on a Wednesday. Much maligned friend of the show Marc Carlson stops by and explains why he’s watched almost a dozen horror movies in the last two weeks. Mack enthusiastically endorses Zombieland and Trevor slanders the whole state of Michigan. That shithole had it coming.

Wanna hear a thoughtful discussion on Christmas With The Kranks? Wanna hear Twilight get reamed for sparkly, pixie-like daytime vampires? Wanna hear Trevor aggressively sneeze to gain respect within a group? Jump on it, Blendcast fans. And for the love of God, click the fucking subscribe button below. You know you want to, and it may or may not come with sexual favors. That all depends on where Carlson rates you on the Mack scale.

Warning!: This week’s Blendcast is curvaceous to the point of almost being overweight. It’s in that in-between stage where Goldilocks might find it to be a little too full, but it’s not shopping in the husky section where your friends might give you grief. But in the back of your head, you’ll always be thinking---I bet this Blendcast, with its huge ass, has probably satisfied a ton of black dudes. Not that we’re racists---we get where they’re coming from--it’s just something to think about.

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