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Bobby Fuller And Manson Family Picture To Start Shooting This Summer

It’s been a good month for 1960’s singers found dead under mysterious circumstances. First, civil rights pioneer and “A Change Is Gonna Come” singer Sam Cooke finally saw real progress made on his biopic, and now Bobby Fuller is getting a film which bisects his strange undoing with the Manson family. Yes, the latter project is just as strange, if not stranger, than it sounds, but with most of the world already having forgotten Fuller existed, something tells me the musician wouldn’t be too disappointed with getting his name back up in lights.

According to Deadline, Adam Davenport has joined author John Kaye in adapting his own novel entitled The Dead Circus. The former will also direct the project, which outlines the Bobby Fuller Four lead singer’s death at the age of twenty-three, just days after his hit “I Fought The Law” raced up the charts. The crime was something of a scandal when it first occurred and questions still abound. He was found in his car covered with gasoline. Some thought it was an accident, others suicide and one of his bandmates even pointed the finger at the Manson family. Dead Circus supposes the Manson family was at least loosely involved in the crime. Melissa Leo will play an associate of the famous psychopath who attempted to start a race war in the late 1960s. James Marsden will play the killer himself and Michael C Hall is also on board as Fuller’s shady manager.

If all goes well, Dead Circus will begin principal photography this summer. Expect to see it sometime during the middle of next year.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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