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There are so many good things about the new James Bond film Skyfall that it's genuinely difficult to pick out all of them. Sam Mendes's direction keep the action scenes light, yet, but would they be as good with Javier Bardem's villain? Roger Deakins's gorgeous cinematography is a landmark, but is it better than Thomas Newman's energetic score? So with so many good elements contributing to a really great movie, you've got to give at least a little credit to the script from John Logan, the writer who will now be on hand to hopefully make the next Bond adventure just as awesome.

Though Sony Pictures and producer Barbara Broccoli are staying typically tight-lipped about plans for what we'll call Bond 24 for now, The Daily Maila reports that Logan has already been hired to write the script, with an aim toward starting production this time next year in time for a fall 2014 release. That might seem like an insanely ramped-up timeline given the four years between Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, but the latest Bond adventure was delayed because of the writer's strike and then financial troubles at home studio MGM-- a delay nobody really wanted. The one-every-two-years schedule is much more common for Bond films traditionally-- hell, Sean Connery's first four outings as Bond came just a year apart, an insane breakneck schedule I'd have a hard time imagining happening again.

Anyway, the news that Logan is back on board is an excellent sign we'll be see Bond again much sooner. Now I'm hoping his return means that Sam Mendes may also consider another go-round. He's said in interviews that he probably won't do another Bond film, and it's been nearly 25 years since any director actually repeated (that'd be John Glen, who directed all five 1980s Bond films). But Mendes did such a spectacular job with Skyfall that Sony and MGM might offer him a Brinks truck full of cash to stick around anyway.

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