Brad Pitt As He-Man?

With his undeniable masculinity and questionable sexual orientation, He-Man defended Eternia against the evil Skelator on comic book pages, a TV Show, a toy line and on the silver screen in 1987. Legendary Pictures – the team behind Superman returns -- has the power to bring He-Man back to the screen and Castle Greyskull crumbling to the ground. But this time around Brad Pitt will be filling Dolph Lundgren’s He-Man shoes, says The Sun Online.

“They are very keen on Brad for the role. He’ll have to bulk up though — he’s very fit but not to He-Man proportions,” said an ominous voice from atop Castle Greyskull.

A He-Man movie? Brad Pitt starring? This one smells like a rumor and a stinker at that. Unless, the Devil is finally cashing in Pitt’s soul. In that case, expect Pitt to be yelling, “I have the power!” by the end of the summer.