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As a blogger, when you get something wrong (as everyone eventually will) there are two ways you can handle it. You can own up to it and explain where you went wrong or you can just hit the delete button and pretend it never happened. The second method is the one used by the UK’s Daily Express when they reported that Brad Pitt was in secret talks to play Beatles legend John Lennon in a biopic. They even claimed he would sing in the film and said they had an inside source who told them the following:
Brad already has a writer working on the script. And Yoko has given the project her blessing so long as it's true to John's life… Brad wants to do all the singing himself and plans to take voice lessons. If he can't pull it off they'll use John's own voice.

Can Brad Pitt even sing? Somehow he doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who’d have that kind of voice. This rumor doesn’t make much sense, unfortunately it’s now being widely reported, so this is our heads up to those of you who may have seen it elsewhere (and if you haven’t yet you probably will) that it’s almost certainly not true.

It’s not true because the rumor comes from an unreliable British tabloid and it’s also not true because after waiting for dozens of other sources to pick the story up and give them credit for it (or in some cases flat out steal it), the Daily Express has just deleted the story from their website. If they aren’t willing to stick up for their story, then neither should anyone else. Cross this one off your list. Brad Pitt is not playing John Lennon.

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