A friend wrote me an email Thanksgiving morning to relay a story. Her sister had dropped her teenagers off at a theater to see the latest Twilight sequel, Breaking Dawn, Part 1. When she circled back around to the theater to pick them up two hours later, the sister saw her teenage son being loaded into an ambulance. As it turns out, he passed out during Bella’s birthing scene. If it didn’t happen to someone I (sort of) know, I wouldn’t believe it. Who passes out at a theater? And during a silly Twilight movie?! But it turns out this kid’s not alone.

In Sacramento, Brandon Gephart had a seizure during Bill Condon’s pivotal scene, “convulsing, snorting, and trying to breathe” his companion, Kelly Bauman told the local CBS affiliate. And according to the report, it’s one of several incidents being reported across the Internet during screenings of Breaking Dawn.

Dr. Michael G. Chez, the medical director of pediatric neurology and epilepsy for Sutter Sacramento, believes that Condon’s scene – which involves multiple flashes of red, black and white colors – could be triggering episodes of photosensitive epilepsy in audience members who might not even be aware of the fact that they are prone to such a reaction.

“It’s like a light switch going off, because it hits your brain all at once,” Chez said, adding that the effect going off in a dark theater can be closer to “a strobe light” that would seriously affect some audience members.

Or maybe these people simply fear the awesome power of Renesmee, vampire spawn of Bella and Edward Cullen, who’s hellbent on ravaging cervixes and imprinting teenage werewolves? I guess we’ll find out more when Breaking Dawn, Part 2 hits theaters net November.

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