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Unfortunately the spec script Comic Con does not seem to currently be in production anywhere. But the geniuses who came up with setting a movie at that famed geek cluster, Michael Diliberti and Matthew Sullivan, have been rewarded with another job. They'll be tackling an adaptation of the George Barr McCutcheon novel Brewster's Millions for Warner Bros.

You may think this movie must be a remake of the 1985 Richard Pryor movie, but you are wrong. According to THR, this will be merely the eighth adaptation of the original novel, in which a young man inherits a huge sum of money, but has to spend $1 million of it before he sees the rest. In Richard Pryor's version he had to spend $30 million in a month, and there's no word on whether or not the figure will be updated for modern times. All I know is it wouldn't be hard at all to spend $1 million- or $30 million-- within a block of my crappy apartment. Damn inflation.