Brittany Snow Talks Prom Night Sequel

Believe it or not, people actually showed up to see Prom Night this weekend. I think that means 3 more months of crummy horror movie winter.

Prom Night was number one at the box office, and that means inevitable sequel talk. These things are usually pretty cheaply produced, so a $22 million weekend take might actually be enough to make Newmarket Films consider a second one. Maybe Brittany Snow could be terrorized on graduation day? It’s hard to say how they’d justify it, but if they do it, Snow has already come out in favor of it.

In an interview with Crave she says, “I think Prom Night 2 would be, if it was the same people doing it, it would be so much fun. I mean, I've had such a really great experience working with Nelson and the cast and Johnathon and getting to do a part like this that I think it would be really fun.” Of course they can’t all be in it. This is a horror movie of course and that means if you saw it this weekend then you know at least some of the cast ends up dead.

Brittany knows that, but she’ll take whatever she can get. She continues, “I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer 10, they're always really fun to me, and so I would be very lucky to be a part of something, if it was that successful. I think it's very important in a teenager's life to have a cool horror movie to relate to and kind of grow up with. I did, so it would be very cool to be a part of.” A nice franchise paycheck probably wouldn’t hurt either. Hey she’s Brittany Snow. It’s not like she’s on her way to winning an Oscar. Why not do another one?

Josh Tyler