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Well that was…interesting. Until the last drop even. This first trailer for Zack Bernbaum’s debut feature And Now a Word from Our Sponsor, released by Apple, does a solid job of conveying its mildly ridiculous plotline, which involves a man whose communication skills allow him to speak only using commercial slogans. And for better or worse, it’s one of the only previews that may make you second guess whether you’re watching a skippable YouTube ad or not.

In the film, Bruce Greenwood plays Adan Kundle, an advertising agency CEO who goes missing after falling unconscious in front of a wall of TVs. He is soon found in under a doctor's care by the hospital’s charity head Karen Hillridge, played by the always enjoyable Parker Posey, who reluctantly takes him into her home while they wait for a more permanent solution for Adan’s slogan-speaking affliction. The situation creates problems for Karen and her daughter Meghan , played by Allie MacDonald (House at the End of the Street), and the troubles carry over to Adan’s job position, which is slowly being taken over by his partner Lucas, played by Smallville’s Callum Blue. The quirky script was written by Michael Hamilton-Wright, who was responsible for the dumb-as-shit screenplays for The Mangler 2 and Chris Parnell’s insipid The Dogfather, so all expectations are being reserved here.

Coming soon to a theater near you, And Now a Word... can be seen when it releases on May 10, which puts it just a handful of days before Greenwood can be seen in J.J. Abrams upcoming blockbuster Star Trek Into Darkness. Meanwhile, it comes seven months before Posey’s next confirmed release, Grace of Monaco, which comes out December 27.