Bruce Willis Signs On To Bodyguard Action Flick Five Against A Bullet

This summer Bruce Willis is set to reprise his role as Mr. Church in Simon West's The Expendables 2, but if you think that's the last time you'll be seeing the actor working alongside a group of tough guys you better guess again.

Variety has broken the news that Willis will play a role in Five Against A Bullet, a bodyguard action/thriller. Alex Litvak, whose previous credits include Predators and last year's The Three Musketeers, wrote the script and the trade doesn't mention if there's a director attached yet. The story follows a Mexican politician whose father is killed by a dangerous drug cartel. In order to protect himself while running for office, he recruits five of the best bodyguards from around the world to protect him at all times. Bruce Willis will play one of the five bodyguards (the other four haven't been cast yet).

Commenting on the casting, Sony Picture Production President Hannah Minghella said, "We have been excited about this project since acquiring the rights last year from Mimran Schur and believe Bruce Willis is the perfect actor to lead this cast." Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who previously produced Willis' action film Red and the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation, is attached to produce, as are Jordan Schur and David Mimran.

This project seems ripe to be an ensemble of some kic-kass action stars, but I must admit it concerns me that Willis was announced solo - perhaps meaning that he will headline while the other four bodyguards will serve more as background. If that's not the case, though, who would you cast as Willis' support team? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Eric Eisenberg
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