Burn Notice Prequel Movie A Go With Bruce Campbell

USA Network’s Burn Notice is into its fourth season, and during that time, it’s gone from surprise hit to legitimate force. Regularly averaging over five million viewers an episode, the show follows a covert operations agent played by Jeffrey Donovan that’s been burned, or let go and betrayed, by his former handlers. He’s advised to remain in Miami and live out his days quietly, but instead, he takes on odd jobs to fund his quest for the truth. To help, he enlists his buddy Sam Axe, a former Navy Seal played by Bruce Campbell. People can’t get enough of Bruce Campbell, which is why his character is getting his own movie.

According to Deadline, a preliminary announcement of a possible movie was made last year at Comic-Con, but now USA Network has confirmed this TV movie backstory is actually happening. The made for TV movie, which will air on the USA Network, will be set in 2005, just prior to Burn Notice’s story arc. Campbell, playing Sam Axe, will head out to Colombia for his last Navy Seal mission, and presumably things will go awry.

The flick will begin filming in January on location in Bogota to prep for a release in the Spring of 2011. Burn Notice lead Jeffrey Donovan will direct.

Burn Notice may be a bonafide hit at this point, but it’s still hard forgetting the hilarious game show Saturday Night Live did entitled What Is Burn Notice. If you haven’t seen it, take a look below…

UPDATE! Early reports were unclear whether this was a theatrical release or a made for TV movie, but a subsequent press release from the USA Network has cleared things up. The prequel movie will air only on the USA Network. The story above has been edited to make that clear.

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