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Burnt Trailer: Bradley Cooper Hungers For Perfection In Cooking Drama

Are you hungry for some Bradley Cooper? Don't answer that, it may be a little too personal. Cooper’s next film is the cooking drama of many names. We got a glimpse of what it will look like a few days ago, but now we get a proper taste. Check out the first trailer for Burnt.

The movie, which was once called Chef and once called Adam Jones, looks to have finally found a strong title. Burnt appears to refer not only to the state you don’t want to find your meal in, but also potentially the mental state of our main character. Cooper plays Adam Jones, a star chef who has been going through some hard times due to his previous problems with drugs. The film focuses on his attempt to get back on the right track by opening a new restaurant. He’s got plenty of people who hate him, some who apparently want to kill him, and a staff that looks to both love and despise him at the same time. Welcome to the world of celebrity chef culture.

In addition to Cooper, Burnt has a strong supporting cast that includes Sienna Miller, who plays the female lead as one of the members of Cooper’s kitchen staff. This film reunites the pair who appeared together in American Sniper. Uma Thurman and Emma Thompson also have smaller roles. The film is helmed by John Wells, director of August: Osage County. That movie and this are both Weinstein Company productions, so don’t be surprised if they push to get Burnt recognized come awards season.

The celebrity chef phenomenon has been successful on television with all number of reality and competition shows. There have been a handful of attempts to bring the drama of the kitchen to the big screen, including Catherine Zeta-Jones’ No Reservations and Jon Favreau's Chef, whose title was the reason Burnt originally changed theirs. Between Oscar nominations and big budget blockbusters, Cooper has become one of the top names in Hollywood, so this movie has the potential to grab theater patrons in the way those others did not.

If nothing else, the trailer is technically well put together. The background sound effects of a busy kitchen, complete with a repeated whisking that resembles a ticking clock, give the trailer a feeling of high pressure. If the movie can build the drama as well as this short look, it might be one worth checking out, or at least one to go check out before you go to dinner. The clock is counting down to the movie’s release on October 23. Now if you’ll excuse me, that trailer made me hungry.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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