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The moments leading up to the Captain America: Civil War trailer reveal looked like the international community was going to, once again, be Ovaltine'd on an epic scale. As it turns out, Marvel Studios was the good kid after all, as they delivered two and a half minutes of ass-kicking mania. Little did we know that on Facebook, two brand new character posters dropped rather stealth like, just waiting to be discovered. Here now, are the first posters for the beginning of Phase 3 to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The first poster shows Captain America in all of his battle-worn glory. With his trademark star spangled stare-down, Steve Rogers looks like he's seen better, gentler days – and this sure as hell isn't one of them. As you'll notice, the evidence that supports this is all on his Vibranium shield – which is starting to crack and scuff, under the might of Tony Stark's Iron Man armor. Something tells us those sparks aren't coming from a firework Tony just lit to celebrate the Sokovia Accords; though, to be fair, you should see how he holds up on his own character poster.


As you can see, the other side of the Captain America: Civil War skirmish shows Tony Stark using his repulsor beams to try and put a dent in Cap's mighty shield. While we saw Captain America's shield cracking on his poster, we see that Tony's been put through the ringer himself on his – as you'll notice that his faceplate is rather dented. There's only two things that could to that, and one of them is MIA somewhere near Fiji, which means that the damage to the Iron Man armor must have come from Bucky Barnes' bionic arm. Try saying that ten times fast.

Put the two Avengers together on one poster, and what do you get? The teaser poster for Captain America: Civil War that was released during Jimmy Kimmel Live this evening. Of course, posters are only as good as the movies they're printed for, and judging by the trailer for the Joe and Anthony Russo event picture, these posters are going to be listed on the NYSE tomorrow morning. Take another look at that fabulous trailer action below:
Captain America: Civil War will attempt to cash the checks that all of the promotional goodies tonight have written out on May 6, 2016.