Cars And Boobs From Transformers

Paramount has release a few new stills from their upcoming Transformers movie. First up, four character photos. One problem, they’re photos of the characters in car form. So basically they’ve released a few pictures from a GM auto show. Whoops. But at least they give you some idea of what the cars the Autobots transform into will look like. We’ve seen enough of Optimus, so click the thumbnails below to see Bumblebee, Jazz, Ratchet, and Ironhide in car form:

Next up, three sort of new officially stills from the film. At least they’re new to me, they may have already floated around a bit elsewhere. Really, the only thing worth noticing in them is Megan Fox’s boobs, which Paramount is displaying prominently, apparently as some sort of genius marketing tactic. Because while some men might be able to resist buying a ticket to see giant freakin robots alone, they’ll never be able to resist a giant freakin robot/big boob combo. Click the little pic to see a bigger one.

Josh Tyler