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Cars Roar, Soar And Crash In Need For Speed Extended Super Bowl Trailer

No Fast & Furious sequel coming to theaters this year? Need for Speed with Aaron Paul looks like it’s ready to fill that void.

The Super Bowl spot for this revved up feature leans heavily on its cars. Which makes sense, because the game on which this movie is based was a car-racing thriller. And it’s a credit to F&F that we see automobiles hurling through the air and automatically thing about that franchise.

Vin Diesel isn’t walking through that door, however, and it’s going to be up to Paul to carry Need for Speed over the finish line. To give you a better idea if this movie might roar through theaters, Disney has released an extended clip of the movie. Check that out below:

Directed by Scott Waugh, Need for Speed will be in theaters on March 14 in RealD, 3D and other large formats.

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