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Cars Sequel Probably Called Cars 2: World Grand Prix

When a major studio parks itself on a specific domain name, much less a series of similar domain names, you know there's something with that title coming down the line. Jim Hill noticed that Disney recently snatched up four specific domain names:


Can you guess what the Cars sequel will be called then? We've been told that the story will involve Mater and Lightning McQueen taking a world tour, and if you've seen the short "Tokyo Mater," you know how much fun the Pixar folks have had with some international car characters. Not that what anyone is dying to see from Pixar is another car movie-- anyone but the marketing folks, that is-- but the international spin suggests some fresh ideas could make their way in. Toy Story 2 is claimed by many to be superior to the original. Might they pull it off with Cars 2 as well?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend