The Cast Of Piranha 3D Make Their Case For Oscar Glory

Horror films have a tendency of performing rather horribly around Oscar season. To put it another way, if Psycho can't even get nominated for Best Picture, don't count on the Saw franchise gaining any clout from Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences. But that's not going to stop the cast of Piranha 3D from making a go for it.

Funny or Die has posted a new video where the cast of the upcoming Alexandre Aja film state their case for why the film should be nominated in all categories. Included in their reasoning is 1) You can't nominate Inception 10 times, 2) Kelly Brook is in Playboy, much like Oscar winners Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger, and 3) Paul Sheer is willing to do dirty, disgusting things to get what he wants. It's a pretty solid argument if you ask me.

Check out the video below

Piranha 3D: For Your Consideration from Piranha 3D

As a bonus, partially because he's not in the Funny or Die video, here is a radio interview with Ving Rhames about the Piranha 3D, and it sounds as though the Pulp Fiction actor has completely lost his mind. I can't verify if it's fake or not, but it's still damn funny.

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