Around this time last year it looked as though Catherine Hardwicke would go from adapting Twilight to another piece of literature equally well-regarded as Stephenie Meyer's vampire classic: Hamlet. OK, so maybe adapting Shakespeare's Danish prince saga was going to be a significant step up, but with Emile Hirsch on board to play the titular character and plans to update the film to a modern college setting, it sounded like they at least had an original idea to work with, and when Hirsch talked about the project last August, he seemed pretty enthusiastic.

We probably should have seen it as a bad sign when Hardwicke went on to make Red Riding Hood instead, but now The Playlist has gotten confirmation that the Hamlet project-- apparently titled Haml3t for some reason-- is dead. Their sources don't know why the project fell apart, but it doesn't look likely to be made any time soon. Hardwicke is working on Red Riding Hood, of course, and with Hirsch shooting the dark comedy Killer Joe this fall, neither exactly seems to be waiting around to make this project happen.

If there's any truth in this world, though, it's that someone is eventually going to adapt Hamlet to the screen again. Is it a tragedy that the woman who brought us Twilight won't be the one to do it? Yeah, I didn't think so.

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