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Cee Lo Green Lends A Song To Latest The Boxtrolls Trailer

With no Pixar feature on the calendar for 2014, animation junkies are going to have to look elsewhere for their fix. We suggest starting with The Boxtrolls. Co-directed by Anthony Stacchi and Graham Annable, the film shared its third clip, this one spotlighting the music of Cee-Lo Green. Sing along, courtesy of Yahoo Movies. Hip AND "square!"

We’re interested because The Boxtrolls comes to us from Laika, the animation house behind such creative efforts as Coraline and ParaNorman.

And it is based on the novel Here Be Monsters!, by author Alan Snow. Using a beautiful blend of 3D and stop-motion, the movie will attempt to tell the story of an orphaned boy who is raised by "underground cave-dwelling trash collectors called the Boxtrolls." The cast is exquisiote, borrowing the voices of Ben Kingsley, Toni Collette, Elle Fanning, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, Jared Harris, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Richard Ayoade and Tracy Morgan.

And, obviously, the music of Cee-Lo.

We have run two other full trailers for Boxtrolls, and we expect to have a report from the film’s production house as we get closer to release date. You can bet audiences who have devoured The LEGO Movie in theaters are interested in the process of stop-motion, and likely will explore Boxtrolls as the next work of art in this medium.

Now, the bad news. You won’t get to see Boxtrolls until the fall. It arrives in theaters on September 26. Can you wait that long?

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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