The life of one of America’s icons will come to the big screen. The Hollywood Reporter reports an upcoming biopic about the late, labor leader and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez, has a writer and producer attached. Keir Pearson, Academy Award nominee for Hotel Rwanda, will pen the script and Larry Meli will produce. The Cesar Chavez Foundation negotiated the sale of the story rights to Canana Films.

Chavez spent his life as a community organizer, fighting for the civil and labor rights of Latin Americans and farm workers alike. He eventually helped co-found the worker’s union, United Farm Workers. Chavez is nothing short of a cultural, civil, and labor hero. His work throughout California fighting for labor rights reached national prominence in 1965 when he successfully organized the Delano grape strike. This strike helped raise wages and gain exposure for farm workers across the country. He was also heavily involved in the fight to ensure immigrant workers did not undermine American labor. A movie about Chavez seems a long time coming.

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