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Summer movies typically give us plenty of chances to admire the male body, whether it's this season's superhero in skintight spandex or The Rock and Vin Diesel sweating all over each other in Fast Five or a de rigeur Mark Wahlberg shirtless scene. But those are all movies marketed toward young men, so they don't flaunt all that male skin so much as accept as a necessary element. Not so with this summer's Magic Mike, which uses the true story of Channing Tatum's early days as a male stripper to give a whole bevy of actors a chance to show their stuff. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, Magic Mike is a little bit mystifying but totally intriguing as well-- and maybe even more intriguing thanks to these two new images that, yes, feature lots of skin. Check them out below and click for the high-res versions.

The first image is obviously the saucier one, though I can't figure out why Tatum seems so confident in the front while Matt Bomer is looking mighty strained as he tries to remove his trenchcoat. But the second photo is pretty entertaining to, with the very ripped Matthew McConaughey counting his cash-- there's a lot of money in male stripping, apparently.

Magic Mike opens June 29, opposite G.I. Joe: Retaliation-- which also feature Tatum, of course-- and the dramedy People Like Us. I think it's pretty obvious which one I'll be seeing, but how about you guys? Anyone as excited about all this male stripper madness as I am?

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