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Charlize Theron Talks Going Bad And Teasing Kristen Stewart In Snow White And The Huntsman

If you've seen any trailers at all for Snow White and the Huntsman, you've surely glimpsed some of Charlize Theron's grim, towering performance as Ravenna, the wicked queen you know from the fairy tale with a few supernatural, very powerful twists. It's a performance that only Theron, with her statuesque beauty and willingness to get really vicious on-screen, could have done, and her performance is one of the highlights of a movie that tells the classic Snow White story, but also gives a lot more screentime to a queen she'd probably tell you is just misunderstood.

It's clear that Theron relished the chance to play an out and out villain, and in the 17-minute roundtable conversation you can watch below-- through the magic of technology and Google Plus-- she talks about how she built the evil character, the jokey rivalry she developed with Kristen Stewart when they got on set together, how she would accidentally stay in character and yell at people when she wasn't shooting, and how no one-- not even the wicked queen-- is born bad.

Check out the interview below, and see Theron going full evil in Snow White and the Huntsman this weekend.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend