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The idea behind Rian Johnson's Looper is so cool and creative that that it's inspiring fan art more than a month before its release. While the promotional art for the film has actually been pretty spectacular (at least by Hollywood standards), this one, which was drawn by artist Daniel Keane, takes the cake. Take a look at it below.

The fan poster was posted over at the official Looper Tumblr page, and actually has a pretty cool anecdote from Johnson about the image. Apparently while the director was working on the screenplay for the movie he had his cousin draw a picture of a revolver on the title page. In an act of procrastination, he made it so that the end of the barrel ended up on the opposite side of the page, just like in the poster above. This is Johnson's doodle:

The page has actually be showcasing a lot of cool fan art, so you should head over there and check it out. I'm personally waiting for the movie's official website to open up some of the mini-games and other options that are promised. Now we just have to hope the film lives up to the artwork.

Looper is set in a future where hired assassins working for the mob called Loopers are trained to kill targets that have been sent to them from 30 years in the future. One of these loopers, named Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), is living the good life until his bosses decide that it's time to close the loop and send his future self (Bruce Willis) into the past for extermination. The movie will be in theaters on September 28th and you can see more from it in our Blend Film Database.

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