There’s always a theme. Every single year, unintentionally, like ten or fifteen movie posters wind up rolling with the same color scheme, the same theme or even the same mood. Looking back at 2013, the year in movie posters has basically given us two different trends. The first, as pointed out by our own Eric Eisenberg involves characters turning their back to the camera, and the second, as you’re about to see involves something far stranger: the woods.

That’s right. For whatever reason, the Hollywood marketing machine fell head over heels with placing people in forests, jungles or wooded areas. Given their subject matter, a few of these films really needed to go there, but some of the others could have involved couches, beaches or classrooms and somehow still settled on a hardcore nature theme.

So, in honor of the years that was, let’s take a look back at fifteen of 2013’s most bark-filled and most environmentally friendly marketing campaigns.

Author’s Note: I’m going to use forest, jungle, woods and other names for tree-infested areas interchangeably, as if they’re all direct synonyms. I realize there are slight differences, but I’m not interested in writing forest eighty times during this article. Deal with it, Professor Sprout.

Beautiful Creatures
Background: Part of a series of character posters that feature the mains walking through the woods, this particular effort shows off Ethan’s pensive face. To further hammer home the natural theme, the letters in the movie’s title curve like vines, also letting the viewer know there’s going to be some sneakiness afoot. If you haven’t seen the film, there’s certainly plenty of that, as well as more than a few brooding, sad bastard looks like the one seen in the poster.

Overall Poster Rating: 6/10

Reason: The photoshop work here is okay, but the subject matter really doesn’t require a forest. Sure, there are some scenes filmed around trees, but much of the film also takes place in a library, various houses, a school and even a Civil War battlefield. Plus, I don’t really see how anything he has on is forest appropriate. Do people really traipse through nature in a brown leather jacket? I grew up in Chicago so the answers to these questions are a mystery to me.

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