Chloe Moretz And Haley Bennett Are The Finalists For The Carrie Remake

It seems that after nearly a year of being in development the Carrie remake is now in the heart of pre-production. Kimberly Peirce, director of Boys Don't Cry has been attached to the project for almost three months now, but one major component still missing is an actress for the title role. We've heard rumors before, including ones about Megan Fox and Hailee Steinfeld, but there has been no official word. Today Vulture apparently got their hands on the two finalists for the part.

The site says that both Chloe Moretz, best known for playing Hit Girl in Kick Ass, and Haley Bennett, who will be seen alongside Ryan Gosling in Terence Malick's Lawless, are finalists for the lead in Carrie. The two actresses have beat out a lot of big names thus far, including Dakota Fanning, Emily Browning, Bella Heathcote, and Lily Collins, all of whom read for the director. But just because Moretz and Bennett are now the big names being looked at, doesn't mean they always were: the report says that Shailene Woodley, who showed off her incredible talent in last year's The Descendants, was offered the character but turned it down. What's interesting about Moretz and Bennett is that there is quite a large age gap between them. Moretz is only 15 years old while Bennett has reached the age of 24.

But there isn't only one big role inCarrie; there's also the part of the tortured girl's mother than needs to be cast. Vulture says that Jodie Foster has been approached about playing the unhinged woman while Julianne Moore is also being considered.

I'm thinking that the people in charge of casting somehow don't get what Carrie is about because you can't cast a pretty young actress in the part. The character is a tortured, meek girl who is constantly bullied by everyone in her life. That's not exactly a part that should be highlighted by glamour.

Eric Eisenberg
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