Christian Bailed

First it was rumored to be with Spider-Man 2, then with I, Robot, now who knows.

The first teaser trailer for the new “dark knight” flick Batman Begins has been like an absent workaholic father to all of us. Promising to take us camping for the weekend but then at the last second having to run off on a business trip, and instead of having fun with the trip we've looked forward to for all this time we have to go to our Aunt’s house and play with our smelly cousins. Thus is the case with Warner Brothers.

We were told that the teaser trailer would be in front of I, Robot for real this time. Well today’s the trailer. Foul Play! Instead of a Batman Begins teaser what does Will Smith led sci-fi flick get.....another Catwoman trailer and either a teaser for Sound of Thunder or a Exorcist: The Beginning trailer. Yuck.

Is this the first time we’ve been duped? Nope. Warner Brothers parent company, AOL Time Warner, also owns New Line Cinema. In January 2003 New Line promised us a Freddy Vs. Jason trailer in front of Final Destination 2 but , like now, it was pulled last minute for a Willard trailer. You have no freaking idea how much that pissed me off.

Now there’s really no telling when the hell this teaser will actually come out. Frankly after being jerked around this much, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass. Thanks a lot WB for being total butt monkeys.

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