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I love a good heist movie. Heck, I even love a mediocre heist movie. Get a group of guys together and have them try to steal some money, jewels, or key documents and I’m there with my extra-large popcorn and small Diet Coke. One of my favorite movies this year is The Bank Job, which you should check out when it hits DVD this month. That means that I’m mildly excited about the soon to be filmed heist movie Den of Thieves, despite what could be considered an iffy creative team.

According to Variety, Christian Gudegast is going to direct Den of Thieves. If you’ve never heard of Christian Gudegast, you have to watch more rap videos. He supposedly cut his teeth directing those and that sort of thing worked out so well for Michael Bay, am I right? He also happens to be the person who wrote the script for Den of Thieves about 10 years ago along with Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring. It’s been kicking around Hollywood and was even turned into a television pilot a few years back.

Gudegast and Scheuring previously wrote Vin Diesel’s A Man Apart. Since that was a movie apart…from an audience (hey ohhhh!) it doesn’t exactly give me goosebumps. The plot outline is pretty general. A thief planning a bank heist gets squeezed by two groups of criminals. That could probably work with the right cast and I choose to keep a hopeful outlook. Let’s get this thing made and into the theater so I can plunk down my $8 for popcorn.