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It's kind of infuriating to think that there are people who are given an audience with Christopher Nolan and, instead of asking him probing questions about his writing process or how he's transformed the meaning of Hollywood blockbusters, asks if The Joker will appear in Batman 3. Not only did Nolan put that speculation to rest back in June, but come on-- did you really think that he would recast someone else to step into Heath Ledger's iconic shoes?

Apparently someone at the Associated Press still did, and when they asked Nolan if the Joker would make an appearance in Batman 3, Nolan somehow managed to respond without calling the interviewer an idiot outright:

"For me, Heath was the definitive Joker. It wouldn't feel appropriate to readdress that character."

Not to mention that Nolan is famous for seeking out new things with every project, and likely wouldn't want to revive the character except for a possible cameo even if Ledger were still alive. So there you have it, further official confirmation that the last we'll see of The Joker is hanging upside down from that building. Can we stop talking about it and move on to something else now?

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