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Back in 1983, four powerhouse film directors – Joe Dante, John Landis, George Miller and Steven Spielberg – joined forces for Twilight Zone: The Movie. Each tackled a different segment, and the chapters were compiled into a cohesive thriller - and it was awesome.

I’m surprised it has taken Hollywood this long to realize that they needed to try this again. The Twilight Zone is an ageless concept that’s instantly familiar (and therefore marketable) to virtually any audience. It’s a no-brainer. Which explains why Warner Bros. would like to get a new, modern version off the ground. And wait until you hear who they’d like to contribute.

Variety says the studio has named Christopher Nolan as a front-runner to helm the next Twilight Zone film. Unlike its predecessor, this movie would focus on one story told by one director. Nolan’s relationship with WB is obvious, though the trade does point out that the director could pass because it might be too similar to Inception. If Nolan were to pass, Michael Bay and Alfonso Cuaron reportedly are next in line on the studio’s wish list. (Harry Potter director David Yates reportedly was in the running but removed his own name from contention.) The last name mentioned in the piece is Rupert Wyatt, who has a surprise hit this summer with Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

What do you think? Needless to say, we’d check out pretty much anything Nolan attempts. Bay makes me worried, but I think Cuaron and Wyatt would be excellent choices for a new Twilight Zone story as well. Truthfully, the part of this project that worries me the most is finding a solid-enough story to hold up in a feature-length film. Shorter, stronger stories helped the 1983 movie's impact, but if Nolan’s on board, a long, strange trip into the Zone could be ideal.

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