Christopher Nolan To Rewrite Interstellar, Merge An Original Concept With The Script

Christopher Nolan likes to play his hand close to the chest. Since breaking out blockbuster-style with Batman Begins in 2005, each of the filmmaker's projects have been surrounded by an air of mystery, be it his two Dark Knight sequels, The Prestige, or Inception. And we expect the same for his next film as well.

Earlier this week we learned that the Oscar-nominated filmmaker is now in talks to direct a time-travel movie called Interstellar that his brother, Jonathan Nolan, scripted. In the initial report the project was given a vague logline, described as being about a group of explorers who travel through a wormhole into another dimension. But now that the director is involved it's being reported that the film is undergoing a few changes.

Deadline is saying Christopher Nolan is now planning to rewrite the screenplay and will combine an original idea he has with what Jonah has already done. The idea behind the film is that it will "depict a heroic interstellar voyage to the farthest borders of our scientific understanding." Only if he manages to craft a script he's satisfied with will he helm the movie himself.

When the screenplay was first written it was inspired by the work of Kip Thorne, a physicist and relativity expert over at Caltech. Steven Spielberg was once attached to the project, but according to the new report he ultimately decided that it "wasn't a good fit for him."

The last time we saw an original screenplay from Christopher Nolan the result was Inception, and we all know how brilliantly that turned out. We can only hope for the same from Interstellar.

Eric Eisenberg
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