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Did you know that, if the studio had its way, Christopher Nolan’s anticipated The Dark Knight Rises would have been filmed in 3D? Or that the Oscar-nominated filmmaker would much rather shoot on actual film for the rest of his career, and doesn’t understand why anyone would transition to digital?

These are just a few of the revelations dropped in an in-depth interview Nolan gave to the Director’s Guild of America, which was captured by IndieWire. The biggest news item has to be Nolan admitting that Warner “would have been very happy” if the director had relented and shot the capper of his trilogy in 3D, but the filmmaker balked – for various reasons.

“I said to the guys there that I wanted it to be stylistically consistent with the first two films and we were really going to push the IMAX thing to create a very high-quality image. I find stereoscopic imaging too small scale and intimate in its effect. 3-D is a misnomer. Films are 3-D."

So many up-and-coming filmmakers possibly got into directing because of Nolan’s work behind the camera, so the bit of conversation he reveals about his approach to each scene – and the importance of point-of-view (POV) – is particularly illuminating.

“The way I shoot film is actually very conducive to converting to 3-D because I'm always thinking of the camera as a participant. Stylistically, something that runs through my films is the shot that walks into a room behind a character, because to me, that takes me inside the way that the character enters. I think those point-of-view issues are very important."

Know what else is important? The impeccable way he dresses. “I went to a boarding school where we had to wear a uniform, and I got used to using all the pockets in my jacket. It’s just what I’m comfortable in,” the director reveals.

Would you prefer to see The Dark Knight Rises in 3D? Are you glad Nolan’s prevailed over studio heads? And is there another movie you’d rather see in theaters this summer than the third and final Batman movie? Let us know in the comments section below.

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