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Christopher Plummer Is A One Man Show In First Clip From Barrymore

With the release of Steven Soderbergh's Contagion this week, earlier today we wrote a feature entitled "Strength In Numbers: The 7 Best Uses Of An Ensemble Cast In Film." In the article, each one of us took one of our favorite ensemble films and explained why they worked so well. Now we're posting a clip from a movie that is the exact opposite of an ensemble film: a one-man show.

Based on the play by William Luce, Barrymore stars Christopher Plummer as actor John Barrymore rehearsing for a revival of his Richard III Broadway production. Plummer actually played the role on Broadway and at the Stratford Festival of Canada back in the mid-1990s and in 1997 won the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play. Check out the clip below, courtesy of THR.

The film was written and directed by Erik Canuel and according to the trade it could be a significant player in this year's Oscar season. The film will be premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival tomorrow, meaning that we should be hearing rather soon if the hype is real. The film doesn't currently have a distributor or release date, but presumably will collect them before the end of the festival next week.

Eric Eisenberg
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