Josh Trank is a largely untested talent. While the young director did do five episodes of the television the series The Kill Point, he has to have a feature film released. But that all changes next month. Trank is the co-writer and director of Chronicle, a found-footage movie from 20th Century Fox about a group of teens that get superpowers. While the movie doesn't come out until February 3rd, apparently Fox is extremely high on the filmmaker right now, so much so that they may choose him to reboot one of their biggest potential franchises.

According to Variety, Trank is now the number one choice to bring The Fantastic Four back to the big screen. While the previous two films, which starred Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis, and Ioan Gruffudd, were huge successes at the box office - each pulling in at least $280 million internationally - both were critically panned, averaging only 32% on Rotten Tomatoes. Trank has already taken meetings with members of the studio about the project, but they are waiting to see how Chronicle does at the box office before pulling the trigger.

Thanks to a very small marketing campaign, we actually haven't gotten to see much from Chronicle yet, but it likely won't be hard for the movie to make money. Studios love found footage projects because they typically cost very little to make and result in great profit margins. The question is if the profits Chronicle makes will be enough to convince studio heads that Trank is the right guy for The Fantastic Four.

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