New Civil War Footage Gives Glimpse Of Hawkeye Versus Black Widow

While the attention of the movie-going public is focused on one particular superhero battle, the guys across the street don’t want you forgetting that they have one coming up as well. There’s a new international trailer for Captain America: Civil War making the rounds, and while the vast majority of it includes things we’ve already seen, one new clip does give us a bit of insight into how this battle between allies is impacting the individuals who were once friends, like Hawkeye and Black Widow. Watch it now, and skip to the 1:30 mark.

From the very first Avengers film, we learn that Black Widow and Hawkeye are friends. When Hawkeye is taken by Loki, she’s the one who most wants to help him, and the one who makes sure he’s OK once they do. However, in Captain America: Civil War, these two will find themselves on opposite sides. Hawkeye will side with Captain America and the side against government oversight, while Black Widow will be on Team Iron Man. The new trailer shows the two friends will meet on the battlefield and the results... are surprisingly cordial.

Black Widow: We’re still friends, right?Hawkeye: Depends on how hard you hit me.

In the scene, which appears to be part of the major fight on the airport tarmac, Black Widow ends up on the ground with Hawkeye leaning over her, his bow between them. It’s not the most casual conversation between two people, but it’s significantly more so than you’d expect for a pair of people involved in a fight. Black Widow seems genuinely concerned that the two might not be friends after all this.

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While Hawkeye is actually grinning at his friend. Right before she punches him in the face.

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It certainly put a different spin on the Civil War of the title. While this looks to be the end of the friendship between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, other people seem committed to remaining close, even if they may experience differing perspectives on the issue at hand. It’s likely a statement about the strength of the friendship, rather than the importance of the issue.

Do you think Black Widow and Hawkeye will remain frenemies throughout Captain America: Civil War or is it more likely the relationship will degrade over time? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Dirk Libbey
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